Types of Yarn

Our yarns are made from the best quality fiber and specially selected cotton, which are mercerized for a stronger product. It is conditioned for superior luster, effective dye absorption and zero-contamination with Shankar-6 Cotton fiber.

We export a comprehensive range of pure and soft 100% cotton yarn from 16s to 60s including:

  • Combed Hosiery
  • Combed Organic Hosiery
  • Combed Weaving
  • Compact Weaving
  • Carded Weaving
  • Carded Hosiery
  • Open End Yarn
  • Denim Yarn

As an eco-friendly and pure product, cotton yarn finds great avenues for use across knitting and weaving purpose of bed linen, home furnishing, table & kitchen linen, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, kids wear, medical fabrics and the like. Carded yarn is obtained from genuine cotton, offered in raw white & dyed forms and is perfect for weaving purposes.

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