ChairmanThe Chairman of the group Sri Mahesh Kumar Khetan, a Bachelor of Commerce, started his business as a cotton commission agent in Andhra Pradesh. With his efforts he started the Ginning & Pressing Factory in Bela (A.P.), Jalna, Bori and Pandarkawada (M.H). He established a firm Sri Salasar Balaji Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd., which supplies the cotton bales to various spinning mills in India. With his professional management skills he developed his ginning unit and later on started exporting the cotton bales to the global market.

With the rich experience of more than 35 years in the field of raw cotton fiber & textile business he possesses complete knowledge of the internal working of Textile Mills and from time to time provides guidance to the management in running the affairs of the mill efficiently and smoothly.

Sri Mahesh Kumar Khetan’s special knack in formulation of polices, future planning and selecting the right person for a job has enabled the mill to expand its market reach. He is also on the Board of other group companies and philanthropy trust.

DirectorSri Dhiraj Kumar Khetan, son of Sri Mahesh Kumar Khetan joined the group very young- immediately after completing his Masters in Business Administration. He was appointed as the Director/ Managing Director of the various group companies in 1995.

Been fortunate to train under his father, he has rich experience of more than 2 decades and is competent in his business dealings especially procurement of plant and machinery, raw material and other assets. A rich experience in sales promotion of 100% Raw Cotton Fiber he has successfully gained more goodwill for Salasar products in the domestic as well as in export markets. In the marketing field since two decades now, he has received many prestigious awards from various government organizations for excellent export performance.

With rich experience of managing textile companies and understanding market dynamics, he has undertaken various expansion projects of the textile sector and has also diversified towards dairies. Being a Director/ Managing Director of Sri Salasar Balaji Agrotech Private Limited Group, responsibilities bestowed upon him, enabled him to accept challenges and take decisions in critical scenarios. The textile industry has complex dimensions because of seasonal exposure and hence it requires to be out manoeuvred by efficient planning.

DirectorThe yarn export, spinning and ginning of the group are handled by the Director/ MD, Sri Vikrant Khetan who is armed with a Masters in Business Administration. His domains of textile, spinning, dyeing, knitting and finishing benefit from his enriching experience of 14 years. He has received many prestigious awards from various government organizations for excellence in exports. He plays a major role in planning new projects and sees them through their implementation and expansion. He is the one behind the new lines in textile business. His good experience in sales promotion has added goodwill for Salasar products in local as well as in international markets. At present he is working to expand in value addition textile chains / lines. Mr Vikrant Khetan is also an able administrator.

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