Terms & Conditions

We are committed to ensure that the product we deliver adds value and trust, and is delivered precisely, subject to the best international production and processing practices, high quality control, including cost-efficiency and delivery precision.

Quality Control

With our integrity, strength and experience, we keep quality as the key focus area in building and sustaining our exports. Delivering quality means safety, environmental protection, reliability and delivering on time. A stringent quality check helps us deliver optimum quality at lowest price and fix precise machine settings and speeds for processing the products. Our technicians follow international quality standards, strictly adhering to SOPs checking for compliance with contract terms and requirements of the destination country. Stemming from confidence in quality control and our in-house expertise.


Our long-term relationships are built on the cornerstones of fairness and trust. It is therefore imperative for us to identify competitive pricing strategies that can enhance existing business relationships, and convert opportunities to new business.

Payment Terms

We insist upon clear, honest and transparent payment terms. Once a sales contract is committed, our clients typically open a Letter of Credit (LOC) at sight or for 30/60/90 days from a prime international bank or we accept T/T as per our sales contract terms & conditions.

Delivery Terms

Our aggressive global growth strategy means that we deliver precision at every level. We help our clients to follow the “just in time” strategy wherein we deliver products in a time bound manner and help reduce costs. We can do prompt shipments as and when required. We deliver shipments on CNF (Cost & Freight) or CIF (Cost, Insurance, freight) or FOB (Free on Board) basis.


We provide customers using reliable, world-class and advanced packaging solutions, that are sea or air-worthy. Cotton and its by-products are packed in standard bales wrapped in cotton cloth with PVC belts, continually reducing the occurrence of foreign contaminating matter. Cotton Yarns we do with 5 Ply export carton packing and also pallet packing is available upon request.

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