Quality Assurance

We Pre-Empts the Problem
Instead of Correcting It

Sree Astalaxmi Spinning Pvt Ltd strives to maintain a uniform quality that is incomparable and only the best yarn makes its way to the customer after stringent inspections and quality control tests.

Measures are taken to ensure that the yarn delivered to their customer is consistent and reliable and truly adheres to their specifications. Quality Management is the essence of any business.

The company focuses on maintaining the quality standards and also on continuous improvement in product quality process and personnel. Towards this end, the company has invested significantly in the latest quality control equipment that can measure various yarn parameters like count, strength, elongation, evenness, twist, coefficient of variation, objectionable faults, yarn appearance etc.

Raw Material Selection:

Raw Material Selection Based on the High Volume Instrument -HVI by Experts. Mixing issue based on BIAS.

Online Quality Monitoring:

In Carding and Finisher Draw Frames are equipped with Autolevellers and Sliver Monitors to Maintain uniform quality. In Post Spinning Autoconer Machines installed with SIRO Electronic Yarn Clearers with wide range of clearing Options in Different Classes.

Offline Quality Monitoring :

Strict adherence with International Quality Standards of Uster 5% to 25% Standards.

All the Products are Measured USTER TESTER 5 for effective Imperfection Control Scientifically devised Systematic Quality Control Studies. Maintaining round the clock check points to maintain the consistent Quality.

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