Quality Control

With our integrity, strength and experience, we keep quality as the key focus area in building and sustaining our exports. Delivering quality means safety, environmental protection, reliability and delivering on time. A stringent quality check helps us deliver optimum quality at lowest price and fix precise machine settings and speeds for processing the products. Our technicians follow international quality standards, strictly adhering to SOPs checking for compliance with contract terms and requirements of the destination country. Stemming from confidence in quality control and our in-house expertise.

  • Yarn Twist
  • Linear Density
  • Yarn Strength
  • Yarn Elongation
  • Yarn Evenness
  • Yarn Hairiness

Testing is carried out at every stage of sourcing of raw material, production and packing according to the most authoritative standards and using the latest testing equipment like H.V.I UT-5 and USTER-CLASSIMAT. Our cotton yarn is manufactured and tested as per a stringent benchmark, and ensures the buyers of a completely reliable standard, lot after lot.

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