• “We did more than 2 years biz, with your spinning mill for cotton yarn and also responsible for quality control. We appreciate your hard effort and work.”

    Ms. SherryAble Enterprise (Hong Kong & Taiwan)

    “Your presentation is great. Whatever you have mentioned, you are able to adhere to it. You’ve been able to keep up with my pace despite all the odds against your side. Hope we can grow together.”

    Mr. Charles Inmatex (Spain )

  • “Astalaxmi Spinning is not only our gateway to the Indian Textile Market, Textile is a commodity with a tremendous number of facets. Textile requires an active, trustful spinner which is able to recognize and accept changing trend and be able to increase the standard. Knowing that Astalaxmi confirms with our understanding of merchandising combined with traditional business ethics we nominated them as our best yarn spinner.”

    Mr LorenzoIlcat SPA (Italy)

    “Of course Astalaxmi Spinning did a difference to my sourcing; as you understood all our needs. You are able to do value added yarns along with commodity yarns. You know that you have to be the best in everything otherwise your objectives could not be reached as per your expectations. I am sure that our collaboration will be fruitful and not being permanent in India, yet made all more difficult –I think in the near future we will start to get our results and you will be able to be at the right level of presentation.”

    Ms. Raya Mizeu South Asia (Singapore)